Guiding Principles

A well-defined credo can guide you through rough waters and steer you to success.

Defining your beliefs and guiding principles is important to a successful life. If you don’t define your beliefs, others (friends, associates, strangers) will do it for you. And I can guarantee you won’t like what they deal you. That’s the thing about relinquishing control of your own life.

By taking ownership of your own values and defining what’s important to you, you are setting up a system that will guide you when things get crazy, confusing, or combative.

For the past year+, Make You Happen has been my credo. I tell myself to do it every morning. It makes me focus on what I want to happen, my higher purpose, and that the only way to get stuff done is to do it. Plus, it’s fun and kicky and gets me pumped up.

But, that saying also serves as a reminder that others are trying to “do them” which heightens my awareness and connects me to higher ideals, like honesty and respect, and sparks my curiosity about our shared experience being alive in this time & space.

There are things we share, regardless of culture or citizenship. The fact that we are all unique is a deliciously-dichotomous commonality, but there are feelings and states of being that many of us know. And that inkling of the “big thing” that ties us together inspires me.

The guiding principles of humanity are hard to define. We’ve gotten separated and blinded by dogma and stigma, unable–across the distance of diversity–to see eye-to-eye.

I venture that, if we took a step back from the fray, we’d be able to resolve issues.