The Amazing Power of Choice

…when the possibilities are infinite.

As human beings, we have two really special things:

  1. Awareness, and
  2. Choice 

We are perceiving, knowing beings. We have thsse minds & these bodies. Our bodies give us ways to process the information around us, and our minds – which connect us to higher ideals and energies – have the power to create our ideal realities.

We can choose things, like, which actions we take, to what we give attention, or the impetus for our thoughts and actions. It’s that third one – the force motivating us – that makes a huge difference.

There’s even a Scale of Consciousness that researchers in the field created to measure and track the frequencies different states of mind generate. Here’s the chart:

Find out more:
What’s your energy frequency?

To be honest, I’ve never been very afraid or shameful, but I have operated out of anger and frustration, have had to overcome grief, and even had a recent dip down into apathy. They’re nasty feelings compared to courage, love, and joy.

And that’s what I find really interesting about this: it gives me a quantitative view of the things I’ve always felt.

These emotions, feelings, and states are palpable. I’ve always been sensitive to energy – internally and from others – and it’s really cool to see how the consciousness folks rank and relate them.

But, even more interesting, is to think about all the ways life has played out, and trace the feelings associated with all the results – it’s observable. I’ve seen it from politics to relationships to my own happiness and back again!

These energies are real, and they affect us. And not just presently – what we put into Now plays out later. It’s a bit of a karmic idea, but I also think of it like ripples – when we create big, high-vibe waves, we’ll see big changes.

Think about how The Secret and other Law of Attraction-related theories work. Be grateful for things as if they already exist; and the universe will have no choice but to make them real in your life.

It’s creating the habit of operating at a higher frequency.

That’s all that life – success, achievement, growth, mindfulness – boils down to: choosing where to “come from.”

Like follows like.

With the awareness of the qualities of these different mindsets, we can choose which to allow and which to address and re-frame. Everything comes up in the way it was formed. 

It’s about what we choose. What We Do, We Become.

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