What precedent have you set?

Love yourself enough to have standards.

Standards for your own conduct. Standards for what you’ll accept. Standards for those who you allow in your life.

And I say “allow in your life” because you don’t HAVE to be for public consumption. You can be like a club with a doorman, and screen people who are attempting to enter.

Your time and energy are precious.

Your life is precious. Far too precious to waste dealing with the sub-standard and/or unworthy.

And, yes, there are some things, people, places, etc. that ARE sub-standard and/or unworthy. You know what they are. Get real with yourself about that. Then, do yourself a favor and starve them of you.

Don’t feed what you don’t want around. No matter if it’s cats, bears, models (ha)… Don’t give yourself to what destroys you, doesn’t produce returns, or otherwise doesn’t serve your life any good.

That’s the great thing about your time, energy, attention, EVERYTHING: You get to choose how you use them.

Those things belong entirely to you. They are yours to deal out, however you wish.

And they are your most precious commodities.

Know your value. And know your worth.

And treat yourself accordingly.

Understand this: You’re setting the precedent. How you treat you sets the tone for how others treat you.