The Longevity of Racism and The Persistence of Ignorance

Ahh, racism, that dirty little bastard, has reared its ugly head once again. This time, in the aisles of Walmart.

Watch the video:

What a gross human being…

“Go back to your country.” “A nigger is calling me ignorant.”

First, it’s disgusting to assume anyone with an accent isn’t American or doesn’t belong here. And it’s double-disgusting to think this country only “belongs” to white people.

But, I get it. Fear can make people do some pretty dumb shit. And that lady’s type has been inculcated with plenty of fear. There’s the “war on religion” which really means – in their minds – a war on Christianity.

Let’s just be clear: THERE IS NO WAR ON CHRISTIANITY. To believe that is to be as dumb as you are stupid. There is a difference between telling you that you can’t worship or believe how you want & not forcing everyone else to worship or believe how you do. What’s gone on in the U.S. is the former. “They took prayer out of schools, though!” That’s right, and that’s an observation, not analysis. “They let anybody pray or not pray however they choose!” Again, correct. And that’s a good thing.

It is a guarantee that the government will neither prefer religion over non-religion nor favor particular faiths over others. That’s one of those liberties guaranteed by the Constitution people so love to invoke, but have zero depth of knowledge about.

But, those people who bought into the Right branding itself as the moral party and Reagan’s crusades, the same types who think “One nation under God” was originally in the National Anthem, feel threatened. They feel like they don’t have a place in this country anymore because the country doesn’t look ONLY like them. I get it: it’s scary to feel like you’re slipping off the top.

But, that’s a troubling thing to watch people whose sense of security hinges on others being “below” them.

It’s the same kind of subtle superiority that made the lady at the dog park in San Antonio assume I was studying for my real estate license & not for law school. It’s why my big, black dad finds the sweet older female employee when he goes into stores to buy me and my sister gifts. It’s why, when my gf and I go somewhere and they see our names, they assume she’s Heather. The racism is inherent. It’s subtle. But it’s harmful.

It’s just as harmful as the lines we draw because of religion.

And it’s extremely troubling to watch those who think they are, somehow, morally superior act so horribly to everyone else. I’ve already talked about how we all have to participate in this dialogue of living together in society & to pay attention to the effects of our actions. But it’s true: no label can make you automatically right, correct, upstanding, etc.

And we need the right demographics to start speaking up against this kind of nonsense. But where will it come from? How can it come from peers when so many people like her have become insulated in their “safe zones”?

Ha… I just realized how ironic it is hhat the political side who talks al much crap about the other being “snowflakes” who need safe zones are actually the ones who want controlled environments where nobody contradicts them or makes them feel wrong… I smell another post coming along…