The Struggle Is Only Real If You Make It So

Here’s the deal:


The messages you give yourself, whatever your internal dialogue is, becomes your reality. And, like how it doesn’t translate via text, sarcasm and humor and levity don’t register with our brains.

It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to be cute when you say things like, “The struggle is real,” your brain just registers the words, the message, & associates what you’re doing with struggle. Putting on a show about ugh, the struggle is real makes that your reality. All the mundane things that aren’t really so bad suddenly are such a struggle & then you find your whole life is a bummer.

But I’m only kidding, it’s just for fun… Well, as Kurt Vonnegut said >>

We get wrapped up SO MUCH in all the things we have to do, the places we have to be, the roles we have to play. But the consumption is unnecessary… just show up, do you, perform, rise up to meet situations.

As a 28-year-old professor, I would FREAK THE GEEK OUT BEFORE EVERY CLASS, just being nervous about doing well & knowing things… and, one day, the lightbulb finally turned on & a sense of total calm came over me as the realization hit: “I dictate this. This is all on me.”

The struggle wasn’t real.

The chance to shine was real.

The opportunity is real. It’s out there, waiting to be recognized & seized, not to be hidden under the veil of mundane placating to some hashtag or social conscience. See that, rather than the struggle. See the ways you are AND can continue to achieve, instead of “playing down” to what society has made trendy, catchy, or humorous.