Love the _____. Hate the _____.

I’m going to uppercut the next person I hear say: “Love the sinner. Hate the sin.”

It usually comes out of annoying practitioners’ mouths usually in the context of accepting & loving people who are gay. “Well, I’ll just love the sinner and hate the sin.” [pats self on back for being soooo tolerant]

You can save that self-righteous, smug bullshit.

I don’t need your acceptance or want your fake, piteous love (as if you’re doing me a favor by extending your love, even though I’m deficient in your eyes). Puh-Leeze.

That saying is wannabe-sly permission for people to feign christ-like acceptance and still feel superior. Am I the only one who thinks that’s insanely hypocritical?

Plus, that assumes we all have to play by their rules. Guess what… No. No, we don’t.

Luckily, we’ve seen a departure from being held hostage by that group’s small view of life in which there’s no actual place in it, only one of reticent tolerance.

I’m gonna start saying, “Love the talker. Hate he words.” “Love the human being. Hate the being.” “Love the lover. Hate the ‘love’.” Because I don’t approve of the way they are either.

Love the _____. Hate the _____.

I hate the arrogance.

I hate their underlying hate. I hate that it’s masked in words of love.

I hate that it makes loving them for real difficult. I hate that they create in me the feeling I hate about them.

I hate that they think their “love” is somehow some gift.

Save your “love” for the people who don’t realize it comes in quotations.

I want the real thing or nothing from you at all.