Words, Words, Words… I’m So Sick of Words

I see so much about intentions… #intentionsmatter, set your intention, “it’s the thought that counts”…

Intentions matter, sure, but they’re aren’t the end-all, be-all. Intentions are internal. They’re intended, an aim, the plan for future action. But they don’t mean much without followthrough.

The same goes for words.

Words are nothing more than vibrations, sounds our ears can perceive & which most people have a common understanding of what they mean. They’re noise.

Words can be used to try and hurt. When they are, they’re useless. Remember: they’re just noise. What can a word do to you? Words can be used to make us feel good; auditory conveyances of pleasant feelings. When they are, great – we can relish the good feelings those pleasing sounds cause within us. 

Words can also be used to promise. They can be used to express intention. When they are, we have the same positive response to them. But they are just as empty until they’re made into tangible things.

Intentions may matter, but results matter more.

We want to be judged by our hearts, but that’s not how life works. Yes, it would make life so much better if we all tried to empathize and understand where the other person was coming from. But, we can only really know the tangible. We can only know what we can see, touch, experience, etc.

Like the saying goes, If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a Merry Christmas