When “the Problem” Tries to Say There’s a Problem

Let’s talk about conservatives and their fear of marriage equality. It’s no secret that many on the right side of the political spectrum have been throwing a fit about same-sex marriage for years. But have you ever stopped to think about why they’re so dang threatened by two people of the same gender tying the knot?

It all comes down to social identity and relative deprivation, my friends. Conservatives often see themselves as part of a traditional, religious, and moral majority. So when same-sex couples start getting married, it threatens their sense of identity and status. Suddenly, they’re no longer part of the “normal” crowd.

But here’s the thing: marriage equality doesn’t hurt anyone. It doesn’t take away anyone else’s rights or freedoms. In fact, it’s the opposite – it expands the rights and freedoms of a marginalized group. So why are conservatives so hellbent on fighting it?

The answer is that they’re too busy being wrapped up in their own fears and insecurities to see the bigger picture. They’re so focused on their perceived loss of identity and status that they don’t realize how their actions are hurting others and tearing society apart.

So let’s be clear: marriage equality isn’t the problem here. The problem is conservatives who can’t handle change and progress. It’s time for them to grow up, get over themselves, and start working towards a more inclusive and just society for all.