What We Do, We Become – Part 2

This week has been all about results – what we get in comparison to what we’ve given, karma, consistency…

Two days ago, I started the ‘What We Do, We Become‘ thread. After that first post, my fiancé sent me a news story that reinforced that message:

“That’s not me…” “I would never…” On top of being a racist, that lady is also delusional. Like… obviously, that IS you, girl, doing everything you said isn’t you is why you’re going to jail!

This was my face while watching that: 🙄

It used to make me sad or mad, but now I’m just over it. People have proven themselves to be divorced from reality, living double lives within themselves, unaware of what they’re putting into the world… and it’s just like, BYE FELICIA.

What we do defines us.

We make our marks on the world by affecting it and others in it. The things we say, the things we do, the actions we allow ourselves to engage in… like terrorizing a kid’s birthday party. They’re what we become known for.

The things we do consistently are what we become known as, defined by. Nobody talks about Hitler being an artists, only that we was. But it’s definitely not the thing he’s known for.

The Bible even says: “Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.” (Matthew 7:20)

Beyond that, what we do leaves marks on our brain. It creates patterns for behavior that soon become part of who we are. It’s why quitting smoking or changing eating habits is so difficult. Remember: Our brains like the status quo.

And, even more importantly, we have to deal with the results (or, if we’ve screwed up, the consequences) of our actions. The results we get build our lives, adding even more to the premise that we become what we do.

That’s why everything we consume, do, think, etc. matters. What we put into our mouths affects our bodies. It becomes part of us. What we put into our ears, eyes, grasp affects our brains. It influences our brains. What we put into the world affects our lives.

Like distinguishing between the different types of trees, we are known by what we produce.