What We Do, We Become

One major thing will boost results of my ‘All In’ approach >>

One important tool has the power to boost your life (from your efforts’ effectiveness to the results you get), and it’s completely free: consistency.

Consistency between your goals and actions helps increase the chance of success. Being consistent reinforces positive change and the habits necessary to achieve it. With consistency, you’ll attract better quality of life, maintain higher levels of quality, and be able to make additional increases. Consistency allows us to set guideposts for your actions, & makes your values known to whomever you encounter. In contrast, erratic & inconsistent behavior quickly leads to confusion and personal failure. Dreams aren’t realized on inconsistency. 

You wouldn’t start building a house one day, switch over and start building a boat the next day, then tack on the materials for a plane. That would either be a huge mess or three unfinished projects.

Plenty of peoples’ lives are huge messes or strewn with skeletons of unfinished dreams. 

What’s lacking? Consistency. 

And it can seem difficult to achieve consistency. It’s overwhelming to undertake massive change. It can seem elusive. Complexity is the enemy of success.

So, let’s simplify – it’s merely a matter of assessing what you have, what you want and strengthening what will help your goals.

Consistency provides value; it ensures you get the most bang for your buck regarding your efforts.

Consistency also reduces waste. If you’re completely changing your position every year, you incur expenses associated with those changes. Think about all the fitness trends. How many FitBits, ab wheels, treadmills, celebrity trainer videos, & expensive shoes are lying, unused, in homes across the country?

Developing consistency means taking ownership of your life, your place in the world. When you choose a position and consistently reinforce your position, it becomes more difficult for it to be taken away. The ability to manage your actions sets a foundation for continued success.

When you have clear goals & solid values, it is easier to handle challenges, changes, or upheavals. You can also take advantage of new opportunities. You have a strong base & practice with staying true to those aims, even when introducing new aspects to your life.

To achieve consistency, do one simple assessment where you ask yourself how you can apply it to all aspects of your identity. How can you align as much of yourself as possible with your goal(s)? How do your thoughts, beliefs, mental processes, actions, habits, awareness, etc impact your life?

One way to think of it is to imagine you have a slogan for yourself. Do your actions and words match up with your slogan? Ba-da ba-ba-baaaa… I’m loving it.

The way our lives look provides all the feedback we need. If you’re serious about making substantial life changes, you’ll have to look at your life objectively & give a performance review to determine whether or not you’re aligning consistently with worthwhile and/or beneficial goals. Are you fulfilled? Are you raising the level of discourse? Are the people around you flourishing? What kind of influence do you have on the world around you? It’s not easy, but being real with ourselves is one of the greatest ways of loving ourselves. Shielding ourselves from criticism is not love; its cowardice, delusion.

When there’s a chance correct a weakness, that’s a real opportunity to hit the ‘Reset’ button. It’s the time to reexamine your position or alter and align your processes. 

The ideal way to address an issue is with a consistent, concentrated effort over time. Establish a set of goals and create a plan that allows for growth. When possible, start small. Grow out your strategy with gradual check-ins.

Identify all the ways you cultivate your life. Use them as touchpoints & be intentional with them. Attach your goals to values and personal behavior — that makes it much easier to connect everything to your greater mission.

Maintaining consistency, when broken down, is an easy process. Seek opportunities to create positive associations. Recognize when you act “on message.” Set yourself up to achieve. Rise above the maze & Make You Happen.