Your Life Is Yours to Win

Realize how special you are. In your body. In every single moment. In every possible way.

When you woke up today, that was the first and the only time it happened and will ever happen. I’m not talking about simply “waking up” (we’ll do it every day for as long as we live). I’m talking about each and every wake-up, each and every day, and who you were each and every moment.

Everything you’ve done is unique.

What you do, when you do it, and how you do it comes together to form absolutely unique moments. Breathe in this moment. Feel yourself in this moment. Imagine the universe in all its expanse, and how you are the only one of you in it. It’s easy when you’re still, but it applies to every moment you’ve ever lived. And it’s all totally unrepeatable.

Nobody else woke up behind your eyes today. And you’ll never be in that exact time and space again. Nobody else sees what you’re seeing at this very moment. You, in this very moment, are seeing something as it is in this very moment. Nobody else is doing what you’re doing right now. And now “right now” is in the past, never to be replayed again.

Nobody else is you.

Nobody else has ever been you.

Nobody else will ever be you.

Who you are right now will never exist again.

Even now, you’re a few seconds older.

And even older now.

Every moment is new and unique.

There is no rulebook for being you. The rules are yours to make. And, with that power, you decide what will bind you.

There are no Terms & Conditions for being you, other than the ones you decide. Set your own terms. Create your own conditions.

There’s no way for anyone, not even me, to make you fully grasp your individuality—only you control that. Even comprehending your own uniqueness is something only you can do. You know yourself better than anybody in the world.

And, when you see yourself as irreplaceably unique and totally independent, well… all I know is that it opened up a well inside me that overflowed with love and wonder and appreciation for my entire existence. What was, what is, and what could be—it all became part of me in one instance, and it was so special.

Not only is it a service to the universe to make something of the part of it that IS you, but it’s the greatest thing you can do for yourself. Realizing your unique perspective is both the first step and vital mission of a wonderful life.