Set Goals For Yourself

Not “for yourself” in the sense that your goals are about what you’ll do.

I’m talking about getting frickin real with yourself about what you TRULY want your life to look like. Not the patty-cake, watered-down, nice stuff you share with others. Not what you want to do for everyone else.

C’mon, this is in your own mind. Stop judging yourself. Stop being afraid of yourself.

We all have *something* that has gotten under our skin. That *thing* that won’t leave you alone. That *thing* you perk up about.

I have it.

You have it.

Everybody has it.

The people who cause massive change are the people who pursued their *something*. They didn’t get distracted (or, at least, not for very long) by what anyone else thinks, by setbacks, or by their own fears.

Everyone can be that type of person. Massive change doesn’t have to be creating a revolutionary electric car. You don’t have to re-create the wheel. Massive change is losing the weight, making moves that put you in a higher tax bracket, or otherwise unearthing the YOU that’s been dying to get out.

It’s merely a matter of choosing your goal, then aligning everything you do with it. That’s why the goal has to be something that really lights you up.

Think about the distractions there are to overcome:

  • what anyone else thinks
  • setbacks
  • their own fears

As far as what others think… If what they think is useful to you, great. Thank them. Use what they’ve given you. Keep on your journey.

If what they think isn’t useful, tell them, “Thank you for sharing that,” or, “Suck it” (depending on the mood), and keep moving. And if they have a problem with that second one, tell them to come see me.

Note for all you babies or wannabe Devil’s Advocates out there: I’m not talking about blowing off people who are critical or trying to help someone in dire circumstances, like someone who’s battling addiction. Destroying your body isn’t anybody’s goal; it’s a sign you’re out of touch with your true happiness.

And that’s what it boils down to: Your true happiness. Being in-touch with ourselves, staying true to the good things we know and love, and being real with ourselves when we know we’re not doing ourselves justice. I know I get that twinge when my conscience goes, “Umm…”

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