It’s YOUR Life. Don’t Be A Thing-trump-Grabs About It.

One of my Instagram followers tagged me in this post (along with Oprah, so I’m glad to even be in the same thought):

You’re the first one to “get” your messages. Dreams, thoughts, desires, etc. are ours first. What we do with them comes next. It’s like when you’re at a party & someone you can’t stand approaches. When you see them, it’s like, ‘This turd…’ but you make nice, ask them how they are, & go on with the evening.

Because we have exclusive access to our minds. We perceive the world through our senses, and that information gets fed into our brains and triggers thoughts and feelings. Then, we can either put those into effect via actions or chunk them into our mental rubbish bins… all of which is controlled by the higher-functioning part of the brain.

It’s why there’s the “If you can dream it, you can achieve it” saying.

We choose what we put into the world.

Our lives are what we build them into through our actions.

And the magnitude of those actions (and therefore our lives) is controlled only by the big-ness of the thoughts that create them.

The only thing people can see are your actions. My actions define me. Your actions reflect you. Our actions define us.

As a teen, when I was leaving my mother to go out & about, she would tell me:

Represent yourself well.

Think about your actions. Know what you’re putting into the world. Manifest wisely.

The same idea that applies to social etiquette applies to our internal monologues when it comes to what we want in life. Your thoughts are yours first. Your desires are yours first.

Nobody else has to know what wonderful things you want for yourself. Nobody can judge your thoughts. Why hold back with yourself?

Set goals for yourself.

Treat yourself like you’re worth dreaming big for.

Don’t put a ceiling on yourself.