Are You Holding Yourself Back?

This is one of my favorite sayings:


If you’re real with yourself, you know it’s true.

I’m guilty of being afraid of my own power before.

Personal obstacles are related to our psychology, behaviors, and state of mind. They can include:

  • unhelpful habits,
  • debilitating emotions,
  • paralyzing fears, and
  • limiting beliefs.

These things prevent us moving forward because we get caught up in them and allow ourselves to dwell in those “negative” patterns. These Anti-Progress Thoughts essentially prevent us from making effective decisions that help us build momentum to get to our end destination.

The technical term for these thoughts is cognitive distortions and they can lead to self-sabotaging behavior. We’ll call them “Anti-Progress Thinking” for ease.

Understanding these will help you gain deeper insights and take charge of your thoughts. You must first learn to effectively control your thoughts before you can get anywhere else.

Read on for How to Break Your Anti-Progress Thinking