Don’t Sink the Boat… We’re All In This Together

We are more connected than ever before. We are in agreement more than ever before.

Unfortunately, we are connected by pain. We agree that things need to change. We are in the same boat……and that boat feels like it’s sinking.

And it feels as if, when some start bailing water out, others are shooting holes in the bottom. And then the groups switch places.

We fail to realize how connected we are. We fail to grasp that others feel like us, and we like them.

And we fail to grasp perspectives that are not our own.

We keep shooting holes in the boat.

What do you want when you’re hurting? What do you want when you are afraid? What do you want when you are down?

It’s safe to assume everyone else has verrry similar answers to those questions. But one thing will be the same: Being treated poorly isn’t in that list.

So, if we applied a little more Golden Rule & a little less criticism, exclusion, finger-pointing… we might actually get somewhere.

Let’s stop shooting holes in the boat.