19 Key Characteristics of Winners

In our society, winning is the goal. Achievements are sought after like Moses with the Promised Land.

Victory reigns supreme, and we live and die by it. Failure is not an option; it may be part of the process, but it is definitely not a palatable end result.

We all fall somewhere along the win/loss spectrum as we traverse life’s ups and downs. But, let’s be honest, it feels so much better to be on the winning end! Luckily, the keys to success have been studied for centuries. No matter if it’s the battlefield, the sports arena, or the boardroom, certain principles of success are timeless.

So, if you’re trying to get better results, it’s simply a matter of putting in the work – pairing knowledge with dedication and backing those up with action can put you on course for achievement.

That’s why I compiled this list:

19 Key Characteristics of Winners

Winners Set Goals

Winners are goal-oriented. They decide on what they want, and then…

Winners Are Driven

Once winners have an idea of what they want to achieve, they pursue it relentlessly.

Winners Are Focused

Winners are dedicated to achieving what they’ve set out to accomplish. They operate with clarity, in the moment, with their desired outcome in mind.

Winners Focus On Solutions

Rather than focusing on problems themselves, winners identify them, but then focus on how to solve them.

Winners Are Positive Thinkers

Winners have an optimistic outlook and are always trying to leverage things in their favor. This doesn’t mean they’re always sunshine and corniness; positive thinking is actually like, ‘What CAN I make of this?’

Winners Are Decisive

Winners focus on what they are going to do and don’t hesitate to act (or merely try). They don’t let negative thoughts run rampant or spend too much time on the “What if”s. They stand by their actions, and take things in stride.

Winners Take Responsibility

Winners hold themselves accountable for what happens in their lives and don’t blame external factors. They feel they are in control of their destiny and don’t let others decide that for them.

Winners Don’t Procrastinate

People who achieve success don’t put things off. They understand the value of time. and try to make the most of theirs.

Winners Are Eager To Learn

Winners are always learning, evolving, adapting, and are always looking for new ways to challenge themselves. They never assume they know it all; in fact, they feel like they don’t know enough.

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Winners Have Confidence

Winners know their intentions, what they are worth, and are secure in that knowledge. They are self-assured and don’t need external approval to keep them steady.

Winners Are Humble

Winners do not let ego get in the way of their success. They know their worth and are confident enough to let their actions speak for them.

Winners Pay Attention

Winners look for information from others, situations, their environments, etc. that will help them reach their goals. They pay attention to their thoughts and feelings, and whether they are doing what needs to be done.

Winners Try To Find A Better Way

Winners experiment; they’re not afraid to innovate, try, and try again. Successful people learn to streamline and maximize their processes.

Winners Are Constantly Improving

Winners make personal development a priority. They evaluate their current situation and find ways to change for the better.

Winners Are Self-Motivators

Winners are able to buckle down when it gets tough, and keep going. They have a fire inside of them that always burns for success.

Winners Work Hard

This may seem like common sense, but achievement requires actual ACTION. Winners put in their best effort and never run away from work. They keep pushing forward, no matter what they face.

Winners Constantly Expand Their Comfort Zones

Winners don’t shy away from challenges, and view them as opportunities to expand their profiles.

Winners Aren’t Afraid Of Failure

Winners know that, to reach success, they may face failure.  So, rather than being afraid of failure, they embrace and learn from it.

Winners Are Willing To Stand Alone

Winners know that nobody else can achieve their goals for them. They understand that the path to victory is, sometimes, a lonely one.

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