The Core of Success

There are two types of people in this world:

People who make excuses.

People who don’t.

We’re not born excuse-makers.

No one is born with the skill of making excuses; but over the years they learn to get out of things. They learn how to blame the weather, their parents, their teachers, the system, the way someone looked at them—pretty much anything can be used to deflect blame & provide the excuse they need (or want).

When the bullet hits the bone

Everyone has difficulties. Some days, we feel like making excuses. Your shoulders may slump. You may start mumbling, but you stop before it turns into words. And, then, you get the job done.

All men are created equal

We all – more or less – have the same capacity to get stuff done (or to live excuse-filled lives).

When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice… you get to decide which route to take.

To make excuses.

Or not.

You have the choice in every moment.


How do we stay on the right course?

When we try to beat resistance/the urge to make excuses, we tend to look at what we haven’t done and what needs doing. These roadblocks can be pushed over with one simple concept:


Find your inspiration.