There Are Broader Conccerns

I came across this Martin Luther King Jr. quote:

It seems so appropriate in light of our current circumstances, namely the post-election sentiments that are plaguing so many people.

Donald trumps election shows exactly how narrow many peoples views of the world are, and how small they feel within it. I didn’t know that so many Americans felt so scared, small, displaced… and now, and entirely new group of people feel that exact same way!

It seems as if we have all lost sight of what it means to be citizens, fellow humans, people who coexist in a society. When one group, like Black Lives Matter pops up, there is a mediate backlash because the insinuation is that no other lives matter.

That is insane!

All of our lives matter, and until we accept, internalize, and act accordingly… We will get nothing done!

We have to start thinking less partisan, and more inclusion. We have to see that we all share this society, this world, this life! We have to start looking at the bigger picture, rather than the smaller one.

We are only as strong as our weakest links, so we can’t act as if those weak links don’t exist! We have to see how everyone fits in, and then use that information to make the necessary improvements so that our entire lives, from the bottom to the top, are better.