You Are Your Best Follower

Similar to the way a brand, organization, or initiative message has to be accessible to many, you have to make your narrative accessible to everyone.

The first step of this practice is being “All n” and living fully dedicated to your goals.

Second, you have to demonstrate that dedication. In this way, you are your best follower. And you lay the groundwork for the rest, showing them how to participate in your vision.

Followers are adherents or devotees of a particular person, cause, or activity.

Not only does your message have to give people something to “adhere” or “devote” themselves to; you have to be the prime example of that. You have to show your dedication to your cause to build trust and rapport with others who may be on the fringe and need that little oomph to join in.

By serving as the marketing figurehead, giving potential members a role model for participation in the organization, you not only make yourself better, you build stronger connections to others who are following you.

This is the essence of leadership.