Are You All In?

The “All In” approach applies to personal growth and self-improvement.

It’s as simple as this:

You have to be fully committed to whatever you want to happen in your life.

Greatness is not accomplished with half-effort. To make anything new, wonderful, or life-changing requires complete dedication.

Take, for example, Olympic athletes.

Gold medalists are notorious for home-schooling, private training, and entire families sacrificing “normalcy” so that their stars can do hours and hours of high-level training most days, if not every day, of the week, And the athletes… they have to sleep, eat, dream, breathe their sport. They have to crave competition, both internal and external. They watch their diets; even the food going in has to be “on message.” They miss school dances. They sacrifice comfortable lives for the chance to be the best.

Now, that’s what it  means to be “ALL IN”!

While we aren’t all competing on the world stage, what happens in our lives means the world to each one of us.

And doesn’t your life deserve an incredible amount of care? Aren’t you worth your own effort?

Of course you answered yes.

But, it’s a tough job to be super-vigilant at all times. That’s why so many diets, New Year’s resolutions, and plans fail.

Luckily, we get do-overs and second chances when it comes to our selves. We just have to work at it.

Studying human nature, I’ve noticed patterns and, using that information, came up with the 5 Stages of Being “All In” (click on the image to learn about the stages):

Click on the image to learn more about the 5 Stages of Being “All In”