Real Skills for Real Achievement

If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve gotta do something you’ve never done.

The difference between a good life and a great life is the extent to which you’re willing to go to make things happen. I’ve already covered overcoming obstacles. What follows are habits that will take your performance to the next level:


Make the Necessary Sacrifices

At times, people fail to achieve because they are simply unwilling to make the changes necessary to be successful.

Sometimes it’s not what you do, but what you let go of that will have the greatest impact on your life. There is a price for success, and you must be willing to pay it in the form of change or sacrifice. However, many people typically struggle with this.

They struggle because they get caught up in the instant gratification trap. What they want now overshadows what they want overall.

Learn from Your Mistakes

Progress is built upon a myriad of mistakes that we make each and every day. Some are big, some are small, but one thing is for sure: they are all significant.

They are all learning opportunities.

Take time to learn from every failed attempt and mistake you make. The more you learn, the more you will grow and the better you will be able to deal with the obstacles that lie along the path as you work toward your goal.

Keep Things Simple

When dealing with obstacles, simplicity is the key.

The more you complicate things, the more likely you are to become overwhelmed. Keep things as simple and straightforward as possible, because the toughest of problems are often solved in simple ways.

Cultivate Self-Belief and Self-Confidence

You are unlikely to achieve a goal if you don’t believe that you are worthy of accomplishment it in the first place. Your self-doubt will paralyze you. It will keep you focused on problems and not on the solutions you need to get the outcomes you want.

Take a second to think about or write down your good qualities.

You wouldn’t’ have big dream if you didn’t truly think you were capable or worth them.

Cultivate Calmness

Calmness provides you with clarity, which allows you to ask better questions and think more effectively.

When your mind and body are calm, you naturally tap into an internal reservoir of that you normally wouldn’t have access to if you were tense and emotional.

This is a biological feature.
Watch this video about how our
brains don’t always know the difference
between real and perceived stress.

Cultivate an Active Mind

An active mind helps you proactively deal with circumstances.

An active mind is flexible, adaptable, and constantly improving. With this mindset, you ask effective questions, look for new opportunities, and constantly make progress.

Don’t Dwell on the Negatives

When you dwell on what you don’t want, you will get more of that in your life. After all, we attract what we focus on. Therefore if you focus on worst-case scenarios, then you’re not focusing on solutions.


And, at the end of the day, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY. Only you are responsible for your life. Your outcomes, your bank account, your friendship, your actions, your growth, your achievement… it’s all on you.

And know this: you have what it takes to make it happen.