Friday? More Like SIGHday




Basically sums up my past few days… err, weeks.

But today wad especially gloomy.

I had to reject a letter of recommendation request from a former student, and it took the wind out of my sails more than I expected… and not because I didn’t want to say no. This student wrote the least respectful email imaginable, wherein there was no actual “ask,” rather it was a “there’s this thing, you send it, the form is attached.” Ummm… exSQUEEZE me?

To top it off, the email was sent yesterday, and the deadline was today.

The lack of respect for me and my tint, for the award, and for the entire process and… it was all disappointing.

It’s always such a bummer to see entitlement.

It makes me wonder about peoples’ value systems and work ethics.

It makes me question our society.

It makes me sigh.