Create… the Fire Will Come

There are times when people set out to create something great… Facebook, Tesla, Microsoft… and that endeavor changes the world.

But we can’t set out to change our lives.

It can’t be forced.

We simply have to live in pursuit of our passions, cultivate our sparks, and let things catch fire.

In the typical hero story, the protagonist simply has to collect life experience, face down his or her fears to reveal courage and strength. And then that usually leads to some triumphant finish.

Just like a story, I can’t jump to the end. The best I can do is set my mind on a goal & work towards it, then make the best of things along the way.


Cavemen didn’t create fire; it already existed. They simply had to figure out how to bring it out. Making it easier to create and figuring out new uses for it are the truly significant fire-related advancements.

We should create, let our curiosity and imaginations run wild, and see what good comes of it.