Leave Your Mark

A couple weeks back was The King’s birthday.

If he was still with us, Elvis would have been 81 years old, and part of me wonders what he’d be up to!

Because Elvis was awesome!

Elvis changed the world!

Look at that guy!

All of the interviews from people close to him make it clear that he chased his passion. He brought out whatever was inside of him, and because of that simple act, he revolutionized music and dancing and American life.

He didn’t even seem to try, which might be what made him so special. He was just… Doing him.

He left his mark by following his passions and brightened many lives — something rather valuable.

Thinking about this facet of Elvis’s life made me remember a quote attributed to him:


Values are like fingerprints.
Nobody’s are the same, but you leave them all over everything you do.

…whether we intend to or not.

…and what an amazing opportunity.

I have my own brand of goodness. And I can leave it anywhere and everywhere I go.

That makes me feel… infinite.

The prospect of setting off a positive chain of events that could impact the future for the better… is there anything more inspiring?