Types of Stitches

There are tons of different crochet stitches and patterns out there. Read on for pictures of stitches and patterns I’ve done. You can also visit this website to find one that works for you.

This will help you when you put in a specialty order.

There are really basic stitches and patterns that repeat, like double crochet, triple crochet, half-double crochet, etc.You can see examples of the double crochet and half-double on the Classic Beanie and Beehive..





The Arrow Stitch has a great visual effect, and is great for scarves, blankets, book sleeves, etc.









The Star Stitch is a really fun stitch, great for afghans and blankets.









The Starburst Stitch is super cool. It provides cozy thickness to any item it’s used on.










The Torpedo hat is an original I cooked up. The lines created can be done on anything else, so don’t limit yourself to hats!







Imagine wrapping up in this billowy coziness. This effect is nice for a range of items – hats to blankets.










You don’t have to be a breakfast enthusiast to enjoy the Waffle Stitch!










The Beehive employs a simple stitch in a different way producing the ridged effect.











The Hexagon pattern can be done a couple of ways: smaller hexagons stitched together, or one big hexagon.







Either by themselves or added to a beanie, headbands are awesome.. This is one example of a headband I made using a half-double crochet.







Zig Zag Pattern






Refer to this little diagram, too: