13 Feb Body Status

I snapped this pic in the mirror earlier.

This, plus a cardigan and shoes, was my kick-around outfit today. Whole Foods, quick lunch visit with J, and cleaning up the house all seemed perfect for the gypsy pants!

I’ve been in this mirror since the first day of my 84 To Fit challenge, trying to see what my body is up to.

For almost the last two months, we’ve been extra vigilant about what we eat and drink and allow into our bodies. We juice to get more nutrients into our days. We make more meals at home. We still eat “bad” foods on occasion (curse that breakfast taco & Churro stand at the Farmers Market!), but we eat according to our goals & those goals don’t include Msccie D’s or pizza every night. We find ways to enjoy what time we have together. (Whoa – what time we have together – that reaches so much further than i intended.)
Jelaine and I have been working on us, in the individual sense and as s couple; and we are headed upward like never before. This has definitely been Grind Time, but with as tuned-in as we’ve been, it’s less toil and more presence in the process. It doesn’t feel like a grind because it’s just the road to where we want to go professionally, personally, medically, physically…

We finished 84 days of fitness. At the end, we were going to jog 4 miles because it sounded fun. We’ve been getting our food choices in order, and we’ve both experienced visible change. Now, we’re adding workouts into our daily routine & I can’t wait to see what new level we will reach.

Right now, I have such little muscle tone – huge blow to my hiney & legs, my old symbols of bootyliciousness. I’m thin, like where formerly-skinny jeans are just jeans. But I still have my “cookie jar” – that’s what I call my little belly pooch & it’s always the last to go.

I’m ready to see what will change once constant physical activity becomes part of the gig… goodbye, cookies.