Weird Bit of Nostalgia

During my Composition class today, we had to stand and deliver quick Evaluation speeches.

Before beginning, we were to introduce ourselves and talk a bit about the inspiration behind our topic. I’ve laid pretty low this semester, so my classmates aren’t familiar with my typical loquaciousness and I could tell a few of them were surprised to hear me speak up and bring some pizazz.

One particular classmate must have been particularly taken because, when I took my seat at the back of the room, I noticed that she had my old Baylor volleyball profile pulled up on her computer!

I remember this day, though. We were cutting up, as usual!

It’s been ages since I’ve looked at, or even thought about, that page… or even that time in my life.

That girl, so happy and carefree, out there on the floor. Life as an athlete… so far removed from reality.