Tasty Juicing Combinations

Juicing may seem daunting at first – How do I know what will taste good? What combination of fruits and veggies work best?

But it’s really as simple as taking what you like and tossing it in a juicer. Boom.

When I got my juicer a few years back, I had no idea what I was doing & basically threw in whatever I liked! Sometimes it worked. Other times it didn’t (Note: Celery takes over, like, WHOA.)

But here are some “recipes” that have done me well:

Tomato Juice

imageKale Citrus Blend

Yummy Cucumber Juice

– – – – –

I’ve learned from my pals at Buda Juice that kale and carrots don’t like each other. Funky tastes abound.

And I know people who are happy with pounding down blah-tasting juices because they are solely interested in getting the nutrients. But that doesn’t work for everyone!

Health.com has some good ideas, too. Check out their Power Gulp.