Today, I’m Glad

Today, I’m glad.

I’m glad for a sink full of dishes, the sign of another evening we spent nourishing our bodies and relationship by making dinner, sitting around the table, and soaking in the experience together.

I’m glad for dirty clothes, which give me a chance to care for them and for us, our appearance, and quality of the items we put on our bodies.

I’m glad to wipe the dogs’ paws before they come in from playing in the yard. It’s a small price to pay to minimize dirt on the floors, a cost that pales in comparison to how much delight we get from clean floors and how much good time outside does these sweet souls in my care.

I’m glad that my smile lines have deepened at the corner of my mouth – they wouldn’t do that if I were frowning!

I’m glad to know struggle. Without challenges, I would never know how high I can rise.

I’m glad to feel stress; it lets me know i still have the fire to become who I want to be. And it reminds me to reconnect, refocus, and redirect myself towards what’s positive.

And I’m glad for perspective, for the ability to see potential and the magic hidden in everything, every moment around me. I’m glad to feel appreciation. I’m glad to feel wonder. I’m glad to let go of anxiety & to live, fully present in, and admire each moment.

Today, I’m glad.

Me, right now, sleepy face & bed head & all, immediately after I finished this.