Quinoa, Asparagus & Cherry Tomato Salad

This knocked my lights out, it was so good… & for such little “work”.


We got some gorgeous cherry tomatoes from the farmers market, so I halved and quartered them whenever necessary to get nice bite-sized pieces. I threw them in the bowl and covered them with some balsamic vinaigrette, then turn the salt grinder a few times over them, and let them sit while I prepped everything else.

Got the quinoa started. Major shout-out to Jelaine for grabbing us quinoa in bulk… bc we’ve been FLYING through it like crazy recently.

Also, why does everyone act so scared of quinoa? I don’t know how to cook it… It always gets mushy… I have a foolproof method – read it, love it, live it. (And if you get that reference, we’re best friends.)

I cut some asparagus & put it in a pan over low heat with some coconut oil and let them get all warm and soft.

Turn the tomatoes & balsamic over periodically. Let ’em mingle…

Once the asparagus & quinoa are cooked, throw everything in the bowl together and mix it up.


Not much work for a delicious payout.