Mid-January Body Progress

Left: Me in late September. Right: Just a few days ago.

Going through old vacation photos, I noticed how chunky I had gotten… blarf (that’s blah and barf).

I’m feeling really good, even dealing with the recent Uveitis/hospital visits. My clothes fit even better than before, and I notice that my body performs really well (no aches, more flexible, etc).

I train’ed over to the hospital to pick up a Rx refill & walked about 1.5 miles total during the process, and it felt really good to be out and about, moving around, breathing…

Taking the time to pay attention to what my body tells me has given me a whole new appreciation for mindfulness, self-awareness, and how much I can do to help, love, improve myself.

Rocked out Jelaine’s clothes in the process:


She’s got an amazing feel for sweaters (all that Michigan practice), so I’m constantly raiding her stash!