Bountiful Loaf – Recipe

When I was into juicing during law school, I figured out a really good muffin recipe that incorporated the shavings from my daily juices. I will tackle those again someday, but – after a juice-wary friend said it seemed wasteful – I was curious about doing bread.

The fruit & veggie shavings are mealy/pulpy with just a bit of moisture, so they do well as the “meat” for baked goods… if that makes sense! It’s the chicken of the sea…

I like to play around in the kitchen, so I just put my thinking cap on during this process.

So, here’s how I started:

5 carrots
Sliver of cabbage
1 Red Delicious apple
1 Pink Lady Apple
1 pear
One-third yellow bell pepper
Few broccoli stems
1 orange
Bit of ginger

Dough Prep
Overnight, I soaked 1 cup oats in enough almond milk to cover them
Sprinkled cinnamon liberally
Added some milled flax seed
Added the shavings
Baking soda
Baking powder
Almond extract
Vanilla extract
Touch of salt
Handful chopped walnuts
More milk to squish everything together

Bake at 430 for around 45 min

It was gross!

It’s dense & flavorless (forgot to add honey). But now I know! It either needs to be more silky muffin-y or more poofy to be bread. But, hey, i tried something new & can change it up in the future.

I doctored up the loaf with agave nectar, which made it taste infinitely better… but that seems like an inverse-adult version of making zucchini brownies.

And it may have given me an idea for dog treats… Pax and Izzy already love shavings with their dog food.

Pics of the process: