Zucchini Chips – Saturday Afternoon Snack

Zucchini Chips – Saturday Afternoon Snack

Jelaine and I have been going to the Farmers Market lately (produce-loading, and what-not), and got a ton of beautiful zucchini on our latest trip.

We’ve gone through all the typical preparations – sauteed slices and baked seasoned spears, and plenty of delicious Vegetti dishes – and I woke up today with a hankering for something different. (Also, Jelaine being away at an Aveda seminar has made me want to nest.)

To the Book of Faces!


And my friends came through like gangbusters; before long, there were some delicious suggestions in the comments – zucchini bread, pasta, latkes-type zucchini pancakes… and then one caught my eye for an afternoon snack: zucchini chips!

Here’s what I did:

Preheat oven to 380
Slice zucchini (I only used one, since its just me)
Drizzle with olive oil
Sprinkle some onion powder, garlic powder, tossing the slices around periodically
Hit with pepper

By the time I was done prepping, the oven was ready.

I spread the slices around the baking sheet, popped ’em in the oven, & watched some ‘Bob’s Burgers.’

Ten minutes in, I flipped the chips, & set the timer for another seven minutes.

The chips are cooling as I write this…