Woman Crush Wednesday

Feeling this #wcw in a big way (even more than this day in '13). So thankful, grateful, amazed, humbled to love and be loved by this lady.

Woman Crush Wednesday is a fun, social media *thing*… but I love to participate in it!

Why would I dislike the chance to appreciate my love?? …OF COURSE I want to participate in #wcw!

I met Jelaine when I wasn’t looking. We started talking that day & the conversation hasn’t ended. We are an ongoing dialogue in the language of love.

Her strength during adversity astounds me. Her gentle soul softens me. Her determination fortifies me.

She is all the things I want to protect in life, all the things the world could use more of.

Jelaine has been a rock for me, especially during my medical adventures, and her efforts are never lost on me. She goes beyond what I ever imagined emotional, romantic love could be.

So, yeah… I’ll celebrate #wcw until the day I’m too old to use whichever gizmo sends stuff to The Interweb.