My Juice Fast Only Lasted Three Days (or, When A New Prescription Changes Plans)

Wednesday was my second appointment in the ophthalmology Clinic. This one was with the uveitis specialist and, after a week and a half of the steroid eye drops initially prescribed (to reduce the inflammation), we were hoping to get some more information and come to a more narrow conclusion about what’s going on in my eyes.


And the doc, after another eyeball ultrasound & jamming all manner of tools in and around my eye socket, finally got a better look and came to this:

Pars Planitis

And he prescribed oral steroids, which the pharmacist said should be taken with actual food, ending my juice fast!

Two-and-two-thirds days, it lasted:
Day 01
Day 02

I’m just glad that my mental state was so much stronger than the other times I’ve juiced. The entire time, no matter how much my stomach rumbled, I had my goal of being healthier in mind which trumped mindlessly eating. And I never felt hungry so much as I wanted to put food in my mouth and taste it and chew it. This was a real eye opener about the process of eating vs. what nutrients my body wants and needs to function well & feel good. New, I am going to eat & supplement with juice – there are anti-inflammatory foods, like turmeric and ginger, that I can get more of by juicing, so it behooves me to continue a maximum-nutrient delivery system.

There’s another appointment in 2 weeks to check progress & figure out the next steps as far as my eye health.

I am hoping that the steroid pills will help clear my vision even more, because the drops have done a lot.

The antinuclear antibodies issue is a sort of ongoing process for me, just treating myself well and building up, and will be medically addressed once I can see better. The fact that that sort of thing can simply happen was a wake up call, a sort of alarm that I needed to address my stress levels or whatever it is that’s causing my body to feel like its under attack.