Juice Fast – Day 01

After a few days of getting my head together, I decided to do a juice fast (and, boy, did I have some delicious “goodbye” food).

Today was the first day, and it was… Nothing to scoff at.

There was enough produce in the kitchen to make both jelaine and me some tasty breakfast juice.


The nutritious breakfast fueled us for the next few hours of shopping at the farmers market, which was delightful, and then picking up a few other items and doing some antiquing.

But, there were times when it was a struggle. Two separate times, Jelaine and I almost suggested going for brunch. And then, I could feel myself getting irritable when that was no longer an option. We’ve been eating well over the past few months, but eating is still an activity and not simply a necessity.

However, paying attention to my eating habits and my body when it’s telling me it needs fuel will be beneficial. In fact, Jelaine did it without even thinking about it – while we were out, she turned to me and admitted that she would need to go home and juice or else she might crash. And, without realizing it, I was right there with her.

Its eating to live, and not living to eat, in full effect.

If anything, this will give me an excuse to sing silly songs - Bottoms Up, Bottoms Up, hey what's in your cup...