Day 84 – The Finish Line

Today is the final day of my experiment, but it is not the final day of the changes that I have created in my life.

I got all nostalgic and retrospective the other day, so I won’t recount everything again.

All in all, I would say this had been a successful lifestyle change:
– Lost 13 pounds
– Changed my body composition
– Learned the importance of having a strong core (in a metaphysical sense)
– Remembered to love physics challenge & crave it again
– Saw the importance of laying change in a new way

This was a long-term personal journey, and it paid off in more gains than I could ever express.

Learning to jog may seem like a silly accomplishment, but I was always a sprinter. Just like this process was not a quick one, that’s not how lasting change is either – in the same way I have to retrain myself to last longer on a run, this 12-week experiment helped me retrain my mind in order to have these changes last.

I am happier within myself then I have been in a while. The physical rewards I have gotten – better fitting clothes, nicer looking body, whatever – are simply the physical expression of my upgraded mindset.
It’s the change of mind, of proving to myself how strong I can be, that I love the most.