Let’s be happy

Come and sit with me, or let’s go explore. We can watch the world go by, enjoy the show, or we can light fires, dance around, take the world by storm. As long as its together, I’m happy.

Just bring yourself, warts and all, everything that makes you you. Let’s not be ashamed of who we are. We are all that we need.

I am everything I need, everything I have created, everything that I am. And I see the same in you. What I am is not perfect, but I recognize my imperfections and love myself anyways. And I love you more than you know, more than you probably think you deserve, and without immaterial reservations.

I just want us to exist as we are. No masks, no pretenses, only as the embodiments of our free, unique souls.

Let’s be happy. Let’s be free. Let’s allow ourselves to experience the richness of life, to laugh loudly, to handle the highs and lows with self-possessed happiness.

Let’s kick out the distractions. I can only truly control what’s inside of me, and everything else is a product of that. We can’t fight each others battles, but I will be there to support you through yours. Besides, I don’t want us to live in the world… Iwant to live with you, experience you, to be experienced on a higher plane.

Let’s go on a journey. Wherever in life that may take us, let’s remember the mental journey as well. Let’s grow and improve. Let’s search within our selves, and never be shy about what we find.

Let’s put it all on the table. Let’s be fearless. And let’s be happy.