Day 81 – A Look Back

I’ve been sentimental today. Went back and looked at some of my earlier posts & was amazed at the changes, however small, I’ve undergone.

Four days in, I was noticing bad habits. Now, I don’t really think of habits as being good or bad, because that’s just labels. Now, I only think about what to do, instead of looking at my actions as separate from myself and my goals.

Three weeks into this, I was living in the world still. I wrote about the mundane events, still operating on a superficial level. But, I couldn’t be so ingrained in this process without it chipping away at my surface, and that’s when things started to hit me on a deeper level.

And then this went cerebral. It didn’t take long for me to understand that improvingmy body started in my mind, and depended on a dedicated & determined mind. I could no longer separate the physical from the mental, because they are inseparable. As a whole person, there is no separating my mind from my body. That’s when I learned that my outside is truly a reflection of my inside.

And it’s almost felt as this 1 I understood how much I actually control about my life, things changed in my physical state, as well as the decisions I made.