Day 70 – An Attitude of PROaction

I wrote down some thoughts about LIVING this entire process (being more healthy) and not thinking of it as being disconnected from me.

As these days have gone by, I have seen more & more the difference between dedicating myself to a goal and crafting a new self that incorporates this improved lifestyle.

The biggest example I have noticed of this idea is food. I can’t even consider it a diet because of the negative connotation that goes along with that word. The whole idea of a diet brings up restriction, what I can’t do.

Our human minds don’t respond to negative commands. Think of the difference between telling little kids not to be crazy, or telling them to sit down and be quiet. The latter provides an action that can be done, while the former only restrict 1 abstract idea, and does not provide anything for the kids to do. This positive – – theme applies to adults & diets. I have focused on what to put into my body in order for it to receive nutrients and absorb what will make me stronger and fitter.

It’s this whole business of being proactive, not reactive or negative. I have to become more fit, not simply fight off fat. I am pursuing health, not running from an unhealthy lifestyle.

I am not worried about what not to do. That does me no good. I am moving towards my goals, and choosing the right foods and choosing to work out and living those good choices day in and day out are my proactive means to achieve an end.