Day 55 – Be the Change You Wish to See

Last week-ish, it occurred to me that in order to make change stick and live as an improved person, that I have to incorporate these good habits and be proactive ways I want to live into not only my life, but also my self.

Today, I am obsessed with the saying:

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Part of my fascination with this idea is how precursory and shallow the general understanding of that saying is. As far as my fitness goals, I have seen that when I set my mind to accomplish whichever physical task or time trial, my body has no choice but to keep up.

And in keeping up with what I’ve set my mind to, my body has no choice but to submit and adapt.

Changing my mind about what kind of body I want to inhabit changes my actions and then my body. It really is tough to create lasting change because I’d complacency and aversion to discomfort (which comes with change); when we fall into a routine, it becomes easy and comfortable which then makes something that may be better for us seem bad.

I wonder what could happen if I trained my mind to relish in the physical challenge… I know that’s what’s going to have to happen when I get into jogging.