Day 47 – Strong Foundations

When I was younger, I was really self conscious about my legs. They’ve always been strong, thick, muscular… And those characteristics have always been met with mixed reviews. There are people who think that strong legs are beautiful, and then there are people who throw around the name Thunder Thighs.

In my volleyball days, having strong legs was perfect —  being in a defensive stance or jumping high are pretty important to the game. But there were days that I got caught up in what my reflection told me, and those little bits of cellulite looked horrible… Or at least horrible in my mind.

However, today I noticed that my legs look pretty good and, most importantly, they feel good.

They feel strong. I feel quick again. I feel full of vitality and energy, and if my athletic legs are part of an overall happy picture, they are okay with me 🙂

My legs are carrying me, physically, through these 84 days. But, I have come to an emotional realisation because of my legs also.

In the same way that I need a strong physical foundation to stand on, I have to have a strong foundation mentally to rely on in order to get where I’m going.