Day 37 – Decision-making

Halloween showed me the importance of being true to what I actually hold dear. Instead of going to a party and having drinks and not coming out of the night a improved person, I stayed in and did things that were actually beneficial to myself (not just things that are simply non-detrimental).

That may be one of the themes that I keep seeing: that it’s not about avoiding bad, it’s about doing good.

I keep flirting with this idea of moving forward and moving back, what the reality is of that, and how I can harness that simple + & – movement in life.

Foregoing a night out with people might seem like an antisocial choice, but I have learned that my energy, effort, and tins can be better spent in a different way. I have prioritized, and finally have a better understanding of how my decisions play into how I express my priorities and then either feel good or bad about the results.

And, by golly, I want good results. Scratch that… I will get good results.