Day 34 – Bless This Stress

Today, I am stressed out.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it is, but my mind has run down a rabbit hole with every thought that’s come into my mind.

Being an adjunct professor is tough, because I’m always worried about next semester. It’s hard to not think ahead and be anxious, even though I know that I can only live in the present moment.

But I’m not going to be so trite as to say that I’m going to completely put those thoughts out of my mind. I think that’s a play cating sort of approach to meditation and living in the now. Instead, I’m going to examine all of these thoughts like never before, decide which is legitimate and which is a waste of time, and then move on from there.

I don’t know why we are conditioned to be afraid of confronting, or even simply acknowledging, the thoughts that aren’t all daisies and fluffy lambs. If I don’t see what I can improve on, and pretend that it doesn’t even exist, I’m not actually fixing the problem… And that seems like a disservice to myself.

Looks like I’m having a self-reflection Saturday!