Day 33 – I remember now… I love working out

It’s All Hallows Eve, and what better way to celebrate than working out twice! (Also, its bloody cold outside. Gotta do something to warm up!)


We did our usual Friday morning workout. We have moved up to the third level of difficulty in the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred plan.

It was a real challenge this morning, which was really nice. My smile may be a tired one, but it’s a genuine one. That is a genuine smile because I was genuinely happy to be able to feel the progress I have made physically, and also maybe this little thing called endorphins!

As a kid, playing sports was a carefree activity. I can clearly remember pretending to be a horse as I ran & envisioned my hair whipping around in the wind like a mane! Scoring goals, making baskets, making a great place to help my team, and winning felt good – – if the point of sports is to win, that was the goal I wanted to achieve. There is nothing wrong with that in my eyes. Setting and achieving goals is a good thing. And continuing to improve as a person in order to achieve goals is a noble aspiration. I always wanted to do better and be better than I had been before.

And I’m happy to recognize that I am still determined. But this time, instead of winning trophies for arbitrary competition, I am setting myself up for a lifetime win.

But I digress…

We worked out again this evening instead of going out and boozing it up at any Halloween parties. There weren’t any parties that were particularly interesting, & I am finally a mature and secure enough to not feel like I have to go somewhere for whatever reason; my own life, my own self, my own success is much more important to me lately to allow myself to go somewhere or participate in an event if I don’t feel like it will make me a better person.

Plus, I am so fortunate to have a great home life with a great partner and our animals. We have created such a fun, safe, loving environment at home that it’s hard to find reason compelling enough to leave, haha.

Jelaine was especially interested in the progress of the seeds.

We carved up pumpkins, and then made a tasty snack for the rest of the week by roasting the pumpkin seeds.

All in all, this was a good day.