Day 27 – Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Jelaine has been so awesome and has made prepackaged lunches for us to take during the week. It is a small thing that means the entire world!

Actually, it’s no small thing at all. She puts a lot of thought and effort into these lunches, and it does so much to help us stay on track while we’re busy.

She is a great teammate, & I am really grateful to have her in my life because making lunches to help us succeed is just one of the bazillion things she does.

I have seen so many relationships where’s the partners are not making any progress together, don’t have any goals, or whatever the case may be… It’s just easy to see when two people are detrimental together. And I am so grateful to be in a relationship that is honest, and positive, and open enough for us to express our goals and acknowledge our shortcomings and then decide to work on them, either individually with the other’s support or as a dynamic duo.

My old teammate Sydney used to say it all the time, but teamwork really does make the dream work.