Ebb and Flow, High and Low (Day 22)

There are days when the funk settles in, and not the Kool & the Gang type! I’m talking the no-good, very bad, “when it rains it pours”-type doo-doo days.

Today was one of those days for me.

And while I know it’s mainly chemical & all inside myself, the little things that go wrong on the outside really didn’t do much to make me feel better about things. Just… all the small things (not to get too Blink 182). Tire looked flat, slept like crap, gas light came on & the station I where usually stop wad closed, forgot my lunch, want feeling great about relationship incommunicado stuff…

And my meal choices reflected my feelz: crappy.

Fast food sausage & cheese biscuit. The breakfast of champions. And, no kidding, my reasoning was that it would make me happy to be full on that, since the day started off on a bad note.

But it definitely didn’t make me happy to be sluggish all day.

But I made it through the day, came home and had a delicious, filling, non-guilty spaghetti squash dinner, took a melatonin, & am looking forward to a fresh start tomorrow.