Two-A-Day Friday (19)

Since yesterday morning was MUCH better-suited for sleeping (okay, I just couldn’t get geared up to strain & sweat), we’re putting in double-time today.

That’s right, I’m having a good, old-fashioned Two-A-Day!

Feels like high school… and college… and that one week during Bar Exam studying.

Jelaine and I did Phase 2 of the Jillian Michaels ’30-Day Shred’ this morning. And we’re probably going to get in an ab blast tonight (haven’t decided yet).

Fortuitous circumstances put this photo in my path today:


And it seemed perfect, considering the way the last two days have gone. I like when little reminders pop up.

Also, MAJOR shout-out to Jelaine: as soon as we decided to skip yesterday, she said (almost verbatim), “That means we’ll have to work out twice tomorrow,” and looked me dead in the eyes to drive the point home. I was like, “AHH, HECK YEAH! TEAM BEAST MODE!” but was so sleepy that I’m pretty sure it came out as, “Mmmyeahthatsfine… coffee…”

I’m jazzed about doubling up on the workouts today. I’m jazzed at the prospect of sweating, and even the potential for soreness. And I’m even more jazzed about teamwork, accountability, and determination.