Day 17… almost jinxed myself

Well, today was a humdinger. . . I was in such a fuzz this morning that I put on brown pants with my gray jacket and black shoes (luckily, the shirt was versatile and the whole outfit didn’t look horrible). Probably a sign I should turn on more lights in the morning. . . but, ugh, light.

A late start and, oh yeah, I needed to put gas in my car.

I could just grab a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. . . the golden arches share the parking lot with the gas station. . .

Showed up to my first lecture (dual credit Federal Government at a high school), and one of the kids informed me that nobody would be in class because they had a Senior Trip to volunteer at Mission Arlington. So, I turned around and started to go home. . . but, oh wait, the lock on my car door was all jacked up and the door didn’t want to open.

There was a stress-cry all queued up.

Oh man, I am going to stop and get a taquito. . . once this damn door opens. I can see Whataburger from the parking lot. . .

But it finally un-funked itself, and I started to drive away. . . only to get two miles down the road when my phone rang: “Professor Marcus! Please, come back. . .”

Turns out the school planned their trip around my class, so the students wouldn’t have to miss an entire week after having Monday off.

So, I turned around and we had a great class!

After class, I was starving. . . whoops, didn’t bring one of the pre-made lunches Jelaine put together on Monday.

Grocery store pit stop!

Dropped a carton of yogurt, and it splattered all over the dairy section. A sweet (and apologetic) gramma ran over my heel with her cart, just before a mini avalanche of cereal boxes fell off a stocker’s cart and onto me.

What the hell, I can’t buy a win lately. . .

But, I managed to escape injury-free and make it to the end of the day.

Days like this make me really appreciate coming home to love and support and cereal-free safety.