Inspiration is B.S.

Okay, inspiration isn’t bogus. But we put entirely too much stock in it.

Is it good to be inspired? Yes!

Is inspiration a good thing? Absolutely!

Should we base improving our lives on inspiration? Heck no!!

Inspiration is the thing that creates in us a desire to pursue a goal. Artists are inspired by their surroundings, their muse, and they then pursue the objective of making a piece of art from that inspiration. But without the artist’s self, without his or her skill and the implementation of that skill, there would be no art at the end of the whole process.

Inspiration isn’t enough.

Yesterday morning, when I was so cozy in the bed and downright tired, there was no inspiration for me to get up and work out.

But I worked out anyway.

I worked out because I made a promise to myself and to Jelaine, and that holds me accountable. I worked out because I am determined. I worked out because I’m not satisfied and I want fulfillment more than I wanted to sleep. I worked out because I have a goal.

And today, even though my quads scream every time I sit down, I’m glad I did.